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Scanner Programming



Scanners today have become increasingly more difficult to

program.  This is due to a variety of new technologies including trunk tracking, digital, and the FCC mandated rebanding which will add additional bandwith & channel


We can program scanners from GRE, ICOM, RadioShack, Uniden, and Whistler.  

You choose what states, counties, and cities that you are interested in receiving and can even break 

down your programming by service type including fire, police, EMS, public works, and more.

Please Note: CINS does NOT ever program scanners for illegal use. Additionally, not all scanners can receive all frequencies and not all frequencies can be programmed

into a scanner. These limitations include but are not limited to wireless phones, encrypted transmissions, OpenSky and other Encrypted Digital Systems and more.

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Pager Programming


We still have the ability to program many pagers including voice, numeric, and alpha numeric. Please contact us with your specific needs.

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Radio Programming


CINS has the ability to program many different 2-way radios. With many new manufacturers, keeping up to date for both older radios as well as many of the newer radios that are imported has become increasingly difficult. Contact CINS to see if we can meet your needs.

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